Hi! I’m Jason and Little Dragon Games is basically me making the games I’ve wanted to make since I first started to play on an Apple II+.

Here’s a quick summary of the things you can learn about me on LinkedIn:

  • I worked on a 8 hockey games, 2 soccer games and 1 driving game at EA over seven years in various combinations as a Producer, Designer, Software Engineer, QA Tester and even motion capture “talent”.

  • I worked on a 1 hunting and 1 fishing game while the Lead Software Engineer at a company called Rabbit Hole.

  • I worked on 3 casual games as Designer and Programmer at Big Fish Games.

Now I’m thrilled to be starting my own independent game company! I’m the chief cook and bottle washer for Little Dragon Games and I’m excited to start exploring the game ideas I’ve had in my head for the last 30+ years!